Zen Gardens ~ Grounds Path Stairs

Zen Gardens

Zen Gardens is the creation of Kirk & Rita Bruce.  The couple has lived in the Belles area for over a decade while developing this charming setting based on their shared vision.  Curious and adventurous travelers may now share that vision.  The property includes three unique  cottages in serene and private settings available at affordable rates.  Each offers a quiet surrounding to soothe a weary traveler or to inspire the creative mind.

Services to make your stay more pleasant:

--Meals prepared upon request, specializing in creole cooking.

--Our chef speaks French, English and Greek.

--Airport shuttle is available.








Zen Gardens is a beautiful, serene, peaceful environment embraced by nature, a lovely river, a place to get your creative juices flowing, whether it's painting or writing, or whatever.

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Zen Gardens ~ Faith Cottage

Faith Cottage

Zen Gardens ~ Love Shack

Love Cottage

Zen Gardens ~ Peace Place

Peace Place