Zen Gardens ~ Grounds-Path

Zen Gardens ~ Welcome to Nature!

Zen Gardens is located in the lush Belles Valley surrounded by the Northern and Central Rainforest Reserves of Dominica.    Here you will find a most peaceful and restful place amid gorgeous plantings and flowing waters.   Your comfort and privacy are assured by gracious and knowledgable hosts.  Many of Dominica's natural attractions are nearby and the capitol city of Roseau is 45 minutes away by bus or private transport.

Sites in our area include:

Spanny Falls ~ Two great waterfalls separated by a steep ridge make up Spanny Falls.  It is the climb up and down this ridge that gives this very short hike a moderate rating. If you do not fancy the climb, you can satisfy yourself with just visiting the first waterfall which is very easy to reach.

Jacko Waterfall ~ This waterfall is located in a deep river gully which you can view from a platform at the top.  If you wish, there are steps leading down to the river, the waterfall, and the pool.

Jacko Steps ~ This is a beautiful and somewhat challenging hike in the rainforest.  When you reach Jacko flats you will enjoy astonishing cliffside views. Do take a guide for this one, as you won’t want to miss the history of this trail.

Although Zen Gardens does not offer excursions, arrangements can be made with local drivers and guides for those without private transport.

Accommodations at Zen Gardens include three independent cottages: Faith Cottage, Love Shack and Peace Place.  Each cottage has a unique energy and design and is situated near a river that flows through the property.  Guests are lulled to sleep by the sounds of the river and the rainforest and awake to brilliantly colorful gardens.


Zen Gardens is a beautiful, serene, peaceful environment embraced by nature, a lovely river, a place to get your creative juices flowing, whether it's painting or writing, or whatever.

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Zen Gardens ~ Faith Cottage

Faith Cottage

Zen Gardens ~ Love Shack

Love Shack

Zen Gardens ~ Peace Place

Peace Place